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Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease

The Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease (BMCKD) is the first of its kind in Canada. The biobank, which stores biospecimens such as biopsy tissue, urine, and blood samples from both adult and pediatric patients with kidney disease, is a core component of the Precision Medicine in Nephrology Research Group.

The mission of the BMCKD is to become the leading resource for kidney disease research, renal pathology, and innovative diagnostic testing to further advance precision medicine.

If you are a researcher interested in utilizing the services offered by the BMCKD, accessing the samples for your project, or using our storage facility for your study, you can download our application documents below. Otherwise, please contact Graciela Andonegui at or see the Researchers FAQ page.

RESEARCH APPLICATION PACKAGE: Please complete the application form below and e-mail the completed form with relevant attachments to Graciela Andonegui at

1. Terms of Reference for Research Applicants
2. Research Application Form (fillable PDF)

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