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The Application of Renal Genomics to Enhance the Treatment of Kidney Disease 

The major focus of the Precision Medicine in Nephrology Program is the TARGET-KD Project.


Under this large initiative, the TARGET-KD project will create a massive collection of biospecimens and individualized clinical data from patients undergo a kidney biopsy in Southern Alberta. The study also includes a Healthy Volunteer stream, to collect biospecimens and clinical data from healthy members of the community to be used for comparison against kidney disease samples. Participants will be asked to donate a urine and blood sample on a one-time basis only.


The TARGET-KD project will allow researchers to access a population-based cohort of de-identified biospecimens and clinical data in order to conduct important studies to better understand the genetic and molecular indicators related to risk of kidney disease, disease progression, disease outcomes, and to optimize treatments for each individual patient.

To compare our research program to similar kidney disease precision medicine initiatives, please click here.


If you are a patient or member of the public and have questions about TARGET-KD or any of our research projects, please see the For Participants page.


If you are committed to donating you samples to our biobank as a research participant, please download our TARGET-KD Consent Form and return it to your nephrologist at your next clinic appointment.


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