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Participant Inquiries

If you are interested in donating your biospecimens to the Program, please click the "Join Now" button.

For other inquiries, please browse the frequently asked questions below.

Participant FAQ: FAQ

What exactly do you collect from participants?

This depends on the specific research study that you are involved in, but in general we typically collect urine, blood, and/or saliva on a one-time basis. We also routinely collect baseline clinical data. If you are enrolled in the TARGET-KD program and are undergoing a kidney biopsy procedure, you kidney biopsy tissue will also eventually be stored in the biobank after clinical investigations have been completed.

What happens with my biospecimens and personal data?

Any biospecimens or data that you contribute to the program will be done so after you provide written informed consent. The consent form that you sign will indicate what will be done with your contributions and will also allow you to decide whether you would like to allow a portion of your biospecimens or your data to be used for other projects in the future. 

Our specimens are frozen at -80 degrees Celsius and can last up to 10 - 20 years. You decide if you want some of your contributions to be kept long term or not. 

See our Privacy Statement for more information. 

I have kidney disease and I want to participate. What do I do?

Please scroll to the top of this page and click the "Join Now" button, or contact Graciela Andonegui directly at

We will get back to you to discuss potential studies you may be eligible for and to add you to our Permission to Contact list so that we can inform you of any future research projects.

I am healthy and I want to participate. What do I do?

Please scroll to the top of this page and click the "Join Now" button, or contact Graciela Andonegui directly at

We are always accepting biospecimens (blood and urine) from healthy volunteers. We can provide more information to you and would be happy to set up a 15 minute collection visit when it is most convenient for you.

I want to sign up for TARGET-KD and set up my donation now!

That's great news! Thank you for your interest.

If you have had a kidney biopsy in the last 12 months or will be going for one soon, you are eligible for our TARGET-KD project.


Please scroll to the top of this page and click the "Join Now" button, or download a consent form yourself, fill it out, and return it to your nephrologist at your next appointment. You can also contact Graciela Andonegui directly at for assistance.  

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